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Fri Nov 26 15:27:00 EST 2004
Tue Dec 31 14:52:18 EST 2002
Amanda Quick books are the best! I have read them all more than once and just was at the book store and pick up one I read before just because. They are books you can read and then read again!
Cindy Hoffman

Tue Dec 31 14:01:31 EST 2002
Great site!

Tue Dec 31 10:47:03 EST 2002
I also picked up your newest book, Light in Shadows at Waldenbooks. They switched the copy I brought up to the checkout with a signed copy. I now have two of your books signed. I have been reading your books for years and have loved every one of them.
Suellen Irwin
Sioux City, IA US
Mon Dec 30 16:17:00 EST 2002
Thanks for signing copies of your new book for Waldenbooks. I just got my copy today and look forward to reading it this evening.

Mon Dec 30 02:01:08 EST 2002
Please wright more on the SciFi Dancer Series. I loved those books and would love for you to finish them.
Lori M. Edmonson
bossier City, LA USA
Sat Dec 28 03:55:47 EST 2002
I just recently,last week, "discovered" your books and I really love them. I got every one of your books that they had at the libary. I really love the fact that in your books the romance is "only" a part of an larger and discernable plot. I also read some of your Futuristic novels I really love the fact that they are understandable and humorous. I just all around love your books. I hope you much more success professionaly and personal happiness. A.J.(16 YEARS OLD)
Atriel Bush
West Monroe, LA USA
Fri Dec 27 18:47:29 EST 2002
I have read many of the books written under the name of Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick, and a few under Jayne Castle. Jayne Ann Krentz's writing is what inspired my need for the ability to authorize a story. I may never accomplish this far-fetched goal, but i was taught to always try. I was so glad to figure out she has a web-site, from which i can be up-to-date on the new info, for instance her new books, and ecetera. I just wanted to thank Jayne's ability to write for my inspiration, i needed it. :)

Thu Dec 26 14:01:48 EST 2002
Jayne, I absolutely love the books that you have written as Amanda Quick. I just finished 'Don't Look Back' and cannot wait for 'Late for the Wedding' to come out! You are such a wonderful author, your books manage to enthrall me to the point that I'm up all night just so that I can finish them and that I'm extremely disappointed when I'm done b/c I want to keep reading! Thanks for writing such wonderful novels!
Woodbridge, VA USA
Sat Dec 14 13:44:47 EST 2002
Dear Jayne, Thanks so much for all the fun that you have given me. I miss your science fiction books. Your female caracters are great. I have read all your books. so i am a great fan. Happy holidays. NM
nahid mahdavi
New York,, NY USA
Fri Dec 13 17:30:29 EST 2002
Do you suppose Jayne Castle will be writing any more books about the world in "Shields Lady"? I really enjoyed the area and also the Harmony world. Bye.
Kathryn Tyler
Austin, TX USA
Tue Dec 3 16:39:40 EST 2002
Really enjoy all your books,but especially the futuristics hope there will be more forthcoming. the site is great, very informative and well done.
Cecilia Davis
Pontiac, MI United States
Thu Nov 28 03:49:31 EST 2002
Recently while browsing in the local bookshop looking for Jayne's latest books, I was approached by a gentleman (in his 40's)looking for Jayne's latest Amanda Quick book. After providing him with the necessary information, I was happy to provide him with a list of the names under which Jayne publishes her work. He was thrilled - whispered to me that he quite often reads the books after his wife has finished with them and thoroughly enjoys them - - so ladies there are romantic souls out there amongst the male population after all! Shop assistant was thrilled as he left the store with a bagful of bags - lucky wife on Christmas morning!
Loraine Byatt
Kingsley, WA Australia
Wed Nov 27 18:14:46 EST 2002
Jayne Ann Krentz always takes the unexpected turn in her books. I always grab her published "brain child" off the shelf first!
Anne Bowden
Kalamazoo, MI U.S.A.
Sun Nov 24 00:09:53 EST 2002
Hi,I tried to e-mail you,but could not get through.I have just finished SMOKE IN MIRRORS,and really enjoyed it.I have read a lot of your books and some twice.I am looking forward to LIGHT IN SHADOW.Take care and keep up the good work. johnny
Johnny Medlin
Ontario, Ca USA
Thu Nov 21 16:26:40 EST 2002
Dear Ms Krentz I am a long time reader and admirer of your work. As an author myself, though in a very different field, I am amazed at your output. I have watched you "grow" from Stephanie James into Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle and loved every minute of it. We do not get enough of your work here in the uk, I have to wait until I make my yearly trip to the USA to stock up.. Thank you for giving me so many hours of enjoyment.
Wed Nov 20 23:21:59 EST 2002
Mira Sol Cubero Pascual
Kailua-kona, HI United States
Wed Nov 20 11:37:52 EST 2002
Just finished Smoke In Mirrors - Awesome Book! I've read and love ALL your books under all your names. Keep writing I'm ahead of you!
Toronto, ON Canada
Wed Nov 20 10:12:13 EST 2002
I am a devoted reader of the amanda quick stories, they bring alot of joy in to my life. They are a pure plesure to read. although we don't get enough of them over hear in England. Thank you for writing them!
abi stevenson
nottingham, uk great britain
Mon Nov 18 18:21:42 EST 2002
Elizabeth Minnix
New Caney, TX usa
Sun Nov 17 22:41:53 EST 2002
My first encounter with JAK was as Amanda Quick and I have read all those books and in the process discovered she wrote as JAK and Jayne Castle, etc. I have enjoyed all the ones I have been able to find. It is a continuing challenge to fine older books at the used book store. It is always a sense of triumph when I come across one I haven't read before. I never get rid of a JAK book either. They are great entertainment even a second time around.
Diane Goracke
Tacoma, WA USA
Sat Nov 16 22:26:34 EST 2002
i find that a really good author can take reality away and give a few hours of the amazing... i read to be entertained and the harmony books definately take me away.... thanks for being so good a writer.... and more harmony please!
lafayette , la usa
Sat Nov 16 15:36:37 EST 2002
I finished Smoke in Mirrors last night and felt sad when it ended. What a terrific book. It was the best kind--romantic, sexy, full of intrique but best of all it was funny. Keep it up JAK. I read all your books so keep 'em coming.
Brunswick, Me USA
Sat Nov 16 15:04:39 EST 2002
Jayne,please write more science fiction like Shield's Lady, Sweet Starfire, and Crystal Flame! I've been a fan since the Candlelight Romances. I do believe I have them all!
Terri Rubringer
Bad Axe, Mi USA
Fri Nov 15 19:49:18 EST 2002
I have read 51 books by JAK/Amanda Quick and have just finished Smoke in Mirrors. They have given me much enjoyment through the years. I especially enjoy her intelligent, thoughtful and witty heroines. The fact that the men are intelligent, thoughtful and smart enough to fall for the heroines ain't bad either. Thanks Jayne for giving us places to escape our everyday world for just a bit!
Virginia Travis
Fri Nov 15 10:00:53 EST 2002
I stumbled across one of your books in our library and now I can't get enough of JAK. Your books have inspired me in my own writing and am forging away with my first book. As I've run out your books to read in the library I am now hunting for any I can find in the bookshops. Can't wait to read the next and what an inspiration you are not only to me but to many others. Here's to many more hours of happy reading.
Dianne Richardson
Peterborough, England
Sun Nov 10 23:34:57 EST 2002
thank you so much for your stories!!! you have become a great mystery writer. and i absolutely adore your historical romances. i am proud to be a fan!!! thank you.
amanda williams
salt lake city, ut usa
Wed Nov 6 22:52:41 EST 2002
I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed the books that you have written as Amanda Quick. They are the books that I read again and again. Definite keepers! I think Ravished has to be my favorite. Keep up the good work!
Anita Lourcey Tooke
Middleburg, FL USA
Tue Nov 5 19:51:13 EST 2002
I have read several of your books. Enjoyed all that I have read.

Mon Nov 4 22:47:18 EST 2002
i love all your books. keep writing.
marilyn lofton
kansas city, mo us
Sun Nov 3 21:53:00 EST 2002
Hello to all the Readers! I just love your books JAK! Keep writing more!
Fiona Belcina
Sydney, NSW Australia
Sun Nov 3 16:36:45 EST 2002
Jayne, Your books the best i have ever read. Your books inlighten me. I always read one of your books before bed,it relaxes me. Thank you and please continue to write.
Sarah Wolfe
Brookpark , OH USA
Sun Nov 3 06:00:26 EST 2002
Hello Jayne - what can I say? I love your books! Your books have the most wonderful blend of romance, mystery and suspense all rolled into one. :-) They also give the reader a great feeling of the Pacific Northwest {even though I have never been there}. Keep up the good work! A devoted fan for life.
Mrs. Kelly Roman
Hendersonville, TN USA
Sat Nov 2 13:48:22 EST 2002
I have been looking for your latest amanda quick book, Dont look back and cannot find it. Hope it comes to salem soon. I love all of your genres.
barbara parks
salem, or usa
Sat Nov 2 10:01:00 EST 2002
After reading "Don't Look Back" I see so many possibilities in your next book, I can't wait to see what direction you take with those characters. I love your books, your great !
Mechanicsburg, pa usa
Fri Nov 1 19:34:47 EST 2002
Dear Jayne, hi i am simply amazed by your novels.i thoroughly enjoyed reading them.my favourites are SEDUCTION and MIDNIGHT JEWELS.they are so wonderful.you are such a talented writer.
Fri Nov 1 07:45:57 EST 2002
Jayne I bought Smoke in Mirrors yesterday afternoon, finished it this morning. As usual--Great book! Looking forward to Light in Shadow. You are sooooo talented! Keep up the good work. Pat MacNutt, Canning, Nova Scotia
Pat MacNutt
Canning, NS Canada
Wed Oct 30 20:49:09 EST 2002
I enjoy reading your books and now I know where Amanda Quick came from and I do like those Knights & Ladies she (you) write about. Thanks for your books. Rc
Bob Carrier
Strasburg, OH USA
Wed Oct 30 13:26:07 EST 2002
I have read some of your books and I have enjoyed reading them. Keep writting.
Rebecca Hess
Otway, Oh usa
Wed Oct 30 11:53:29 EST 2002
You can't write fast enough for me as I enjoy all of your books so much and I'm proud you hail from the Pacific Northwest as I do.
Marilyn Shoemaker
Seattle, WA USA
Wed Oct 30 11:13:17 EST 2002
Dear Jayne, Just received your e-mail update. I am thrilled to know you're finally working on a new futuristic romance novel. The mystery with romance is great; add the psychic stuff and you've got a whole other "Dimension" (literally) that makes it really H-O-T! I loved Orchid, Zennia and Amaryllis, but After Dark was just the tops! (Those Ghost Hunters are Y-U-M-M-Y!) Is Emmet London going to feature in the sequal? Can't Wait!!! When is it due to come out? I'll be on the look-out for it (as always), and hope when you finish this one, you won't wait so long to start another!!!
Bonny Cropper
Tampa, FL USA
Sat Oct 26 12:40:33 EDT 2002
I want to thank you for all the wonderful hours I have enjoyed by entering any of your book. I love your fiction storys and hope you will write more of them. Thank you again.
J. E. Grubb
Riverton, IA
Sat Oct 19 23:15:06 EDT 2002
I have collected most of the Jayne Ann Krentz and starting on the Amanda Quick's. I love your story lines and hope for new ones soon!
J. Brinley
Greensboro, nc
Sat Oct 19 21:05:22 EDT 2002
Amanda Quick is an inspiration to me. I love reading about romance among the ton of London society and the intrigue that comes right along with it. I have only three more books to aquire to have a complete collection of Amanda Quick books that I can enjoy reading again and again. Thanks you for sharing such a wonderful imagination with the world.
Kerrie Kenoyer
Lewiston, ID USA
Sat Oct 19 11:49:08 EDT 2002
hello!i've just read "Whith this Ring",by Amanda quick,and I loved it!!This book is great!...I will read all Amanda's books.thak you for hours plenty of fun!
Lisbon, Portugal
Fri Oct 18 20:21:23 EDT 2002
I have been reading your books for about 10 years now, I am still amazed at all the stories you can come up with. Each one is better than the last one. Kepp up the great work, I can't wait for the next book to come out.
Nancy Sewell
Clifton PArk, NY USA
Wed Oct 16 21:28:16 EDT 2002
Dear Jayne, Thankyou for the characters of the Eclipse bay trilogy. I really liked them.
kaye Winstone
Melbourne, VVictoria Australia
Tue Oct 15 21:20:01 EDT 2002
I love your books!! They are a satisfying read. Your heroes and heroines are like old friends to me! I read and re-read your novels often.

Wed Oct 9 21:09:05 EDT 2002
Thank you for the hours, and HOURS and HOURS of reading...I just can't seem to put them down long enough to do my "chores"...thank god for men (sometimes) Ha ha :0)
Kerri Nickerson
Halifax, NS Canada
Wed Oct 9 16:32:35 EDT 2002
I`ve been reading yur books for about 10 years . a while ago I got one of yours in english version. It`s not that easy to find them in here. I was hot when I saw this book at first.but too tough to read in a right way. It takes one hour to turn over 5pages for me. but I`m trying.
taegu, korea
Sat Oct 5 17:15:52 EDT 2002
Amanda Quick, I discovered your books about two years ago in our local library. I have been a fan ever since and am now reading your Jayne Ann Krentz and Jayne Castle books. Your work is brilliant and I am looking forward to reading all your other books as well.
Rebecca Ridge
San Antonio, Tx United States
Thu Oct 3 15:12:48 EDT 2002
hello :)

Wed Oct 2 17:22:28 EDT 2002
i just wanted to say that ms. krentz can not write fast enough to satisfy my hunger. i read all of her books (quick,castle,krentz,james).she is the all time writer of the 20th century for me.god bless her and keep her safe.
ann t. reagan
bethlehem, pa. usa
Thu Sep 26 22:03:49 EDT 2002
WoW, L@@king Good thank You for All your Work !! ;)
Clinton W J Collins
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Tue Sep 24 23:15:15 EDT 2002
Dear Jayne, I love your Jayne Castle books please write more, I even got my sister hooked on them and she hates romance novels. My favorite is the one about the psychic interior decorator and the casino owner with bad taste I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. You are an outstanding writer.
anna sanders
round rock, tx u.s.
Thu Sep 19 21:30:54 EDT 2002
Dear Amanda Quick, Love all your books! Always laugh hysterically. Your characters are wonderful. They are bold, adventurous, humorous and loving. Your settings are very authentic. England and her history are my absolute favorite. Can't wait to read your next book! Yours, Borka
Borka Radovanovic Lashta
Montreal, Que Canada
Tue Sep 17 20:52:40 EDT 2002
bonjour,j'adore tout tes livres et je trouve dommage qu'ils ne soient pas tous traduit...Continue de nous faire rèver avec tes héros et tes héroines extraordinaires...Merci
Québec, Canada
Tue Sep 17 18:31:24 EDT 2002
Hi everyone! I'd just like to take this chance to thank Jayne for the joy I've received by reading her books. I discovered your books by accident. I was in my favorite bookstore, looking for something to read, when a lady next to me, handed me an Amanada Quick novel. She said "try this, you'll love it", she was right and I've been hooked ever since. I just want to thank you for my favorite book- Midnight Jewels (I've lost count of the number of times I've read it)
Chris Smiley
Chicago, IL USA
Tue Sep 17 12:24:35 EDT 2002
DearJayne: I love your books and believe I have read all of them. You can't write fast enough for me. I enjoy mystery with romance and have many friends who do also. Virginia
Viginia Dreyer
Fri Sep 13 13:01:54 EDT 2002
Hello, I simply adore your books :) I've read the first one when I was 12 and ever since (ten years now) I'm coming back to them and waiting and reading more. I've read your book mostly translated into Polish ('cause then my mum can read them also - she doesn't speak English), but though I prefer the original, they are wonderful to read even when translated :)
Joanna Luzak
Legionowo, - Poland
Fri Sep 13 07:36:52 EDT 2002
Dear Jayne, I already have 7 of your books and they are all great, especially your latest, Summer at Eclipse Bay. I hope to read the other books in the Eclipse Bay series. I can relate to your characters. They seem to be real people. I re-read your books when a can't find a new one in our local bookstores. They never fail to entertain me again & again.
joy g. mayor
Makati, Philippines
Fri Sep 13 00:00:45 EDT 2002
Dear jayne, you are such a talented writer.i like your pretty website. your books are amazing.you are brilliant.keep the good work coming for your fans.all the best for the future.
Thu Sep 12 22:01:49 EDT 2002
I love all of your Amanda Quick books. "Dangerous" is my favorite. I hope that I can become as good of a writer as you are.
Julia Levin
Fort Lauderdale, FL United States
Thu Sep 12 00:48:48 EDT 2002
I love your books! My mom started me reading them 2 years ago and now I can't be stopped I read under 3 of your sir names now that I know their are more the race is on to read them all. I must admit I have a favorite(AQ).I would like to thank you for all the fun and adventure you bring to my life.
jacksonville, fl
Sat Sep 7 22:37:42 EDT 2002
Jayne, I love your books. I read them over and over again. I've read Jayne Ann Krentz & Amanda Quick but you can be sure I'll be reading your other now that I know what authors to look for. From your readings I have a real hankering to see the Northwest now. Keep up the good work, you have such a great talent. Thanks for so many enjoyable hours reading. Dori
Marathon, Fl
Tue Sep 3 19:15:23 EDT 2002
I have been reading novels since I was in my earlier teens. I just love them all but since I first read one of Quick's I have been addicted to them. I currently have all of them expect your newest one. I plan on purchasing it soon. I really cannot say I have one favorite because I love them all. I mean with all those great characters it is hard to choose. Keep up the great work. I hope to see more Amanda Quick novels in the future. Thanks!
Jessica Burrell
Gainesville, GA USA
Thu Aug 29 18:03:42 EDT 2002
I really like the jayne castle books hope to see more of them in the future You have a nice day Julia
Julia Patel
Wood Dale, IL usa
Sun Aug 25 14:07:54 EDT 2002
Bravo Jayne!!!!! I am a new fan and terrible excited over all your books thus far.....please please please continue with your Jayne Castle series. I will be biting my nails waiting for the next book.
joyce s
lakeland, fl usa
Sat Aug 24 22:51:02 EDT 2002
Amanda Quick is an excelent story writer. When you read her stories it transports you back in time and into the story it self. I just love reading her books.. Michele
Michele Fontes
West Warwick, RI us
Sat Aug 24 02:23:25 EDT 2002
If I could transport to any place, it would have be the setting of any Amanda Quick book. I love the atmosphere that she creates and her characters are like old friends that visit often. I can pick up one of her books and not put it down until I have reached the end. Just wonderful writing.
Shelia Polito
Vidor, TX USA
Wed Aug 21 21:07:23 EDT 2002
I've read all the Amanda Quick books and I'm going to keep them all to read over and over!. I have enjoyed them so much that I have stayed up until 4 a.m. to finish some of them. Now I'm working through the Jayne Krentz books! Great!
Tanya R. Soady
Sarasota, FL USA
Wed Aug 21 13:26:27 EDT 2002
Amanda Quick creates "our" world of history to which we can escape.
Mercy H
Orlando, FL USA
Mon Aug 19 10:31:38 EDT 2002
Hi,I'm an avid reader of your books and have probably all of your books even from the early days. thanks,Norma
Norma Parker
Ayer, ma USA
Mon Aug 19 01:04:31 EDT 2002
I have just finished Slightly Shady enjoyed it very much and would recomended it to anyone who loves reading historical romance novels. Have read all of uor book in our local library. keep up the good writing.
Kat Craigie
Owaka, New Zealand
Sun Aug 18 19:43:53 EDT 2002
I was surfin through the library one afternoon and decided to check out your books .. I've been a loyal fan to other historical romance authors such as Virginia Henley, Jane Feather, Johanna Lindsey, and Julie Garwood. "I've read ALL their books!!!" Now I'll add your name to the list! So far I've read 3 of your books under Amanda Quick in 2 days!! I really really like characters. I just love the fact that they're always sooooo smart!! *smiles* It's just that I can relate to that .. *nods approvingly* :-D
Jacklyn Antoinette
Rochester, NY US
Sun Aug 18 10:49:26 EDT 2002
a friend gave me wildest hearts and i have not been able to stop reading your books since..keep them coming
maria e kanterman
villanova, pa usa
Sat Aug 17 19:20:09 EDT 2002
I am a great fan of yours.My very first book was "Gentle Pirate" from the Candlight Ecstacy Romance series. I've read that book so many times over the years the cover is falling apart. I have practically all of your books, but I would love to find a way to get my hands on your first stories written under your name of Jayne Bently and Jayne Taylor by McFadden Publishing. Thanks for all the great stories and wishing you contined success on your writing!
O'Fallon, MO USA
Sat Aug 17 04:22:14 EDT 2002
Dear Jayne: I've been a fan since Sweet Starfire, gobbled up the Quick books, and have everything printed since. But I did miss out on your earlier years with different pseudonyms. I tried buckwheat noodles with peanut sauce (yum) and Lapseng (spelling?) tea (yuk). Now I recently discovered your books on tape. I think the unabridged one with both male and female readers -- Soft Focus -- is truly wonderful as it brings your characters dramatically to life. Thank you, Jayne, for all the years of reading pleasure.
Dee Kopp
Phoenix, AZ
Fri Aug 16 18:13:00 EDT 2002
Reading Slightly Shady and loving it also have Don't look Back to read next
Jackie McLaurin
Hattiesburg, ms Forrest
Fri Aug 16 08:45:28 EDT 2002
Thought I would sign! Like the colors!
Sandy Date
Washington, DC USA
Fri Aug 16 00:00:10 EDT 2002
I have read and love all of your Amanda Quick books. My favorite is Dangerous. I love Sebastion!
Julia Levin
Fort Lauderdale, FL United States
Thu Aug 15 20:22:26 EDT 2002
I'm a big fan of your furturistic books. I enjoyed Amaryllis,Zinnia, and Orchid. Wonder if there will be anymore in this series? I sure hope so.
Deb Pace
Buchanan, Tn
Thu Aug 15 10:43:18 EDT 2002
I have been a loyal reader for about 8 years now. I picked up the first book when I was 16 years old. It was "The Golden Chance". I think I have read it about 100 times! I am always in line waiting the day the new books come out. Thank you for all the stories you have done and the ones on the way.
Lisa Marie
Plymouth, MN USA
Wed Aug 14 12:06:43 EDT 2002
Just a week ago i picked up my first Amanda Quick novel and have finished two of them already. I read both Slightly Shadow and Don't Look Back and i was wondering if you were going to write a continuation to the novels. If you were i would be very delighted. Of course i am going to continue reading the rest of your many novels but i just feel in love with the late of Lavinia and Tobias.
Adar Kedem
Brookline, MA USA
Tue Aug 13 18:19:10 EDT 2002
Just found you recently. Your books are wonderful.
Pat Crum
Proctor, AR USA
Tue Aug 13 15:16:16 EDT 2002
I have read every book wrote under Amanda Quick and I have loved every one of them. I expect this new one to be just as good as the previous books. Keep them coming!

Mon Aug 12 15:07:44 EDT 2002
I was visiting New York in September 2000 when my cousin was raving over this author she loved reading - it turned out to be Amanda Quick. I borrowed one and have not looked back since. I especially loved Edison Stokes and Emma Greyson in 'I thee Wed'.
Monica Austin
London, England
Sat Aug 10 00:07:39 EDT 2002
I have been a reader of Amanda Quick and Jayne ann Krentz and all of the AKA's she writes under. But, Amanda Quick is my favorite. When I start on of her books I know I will be up until I have finished the book. I "NEVER" buy the hard back books, but this time I did. Had to have "Don't Look Back". I had read the first in this series and Though it was it was wonderful. I hope that you marry Mr. March and Lavina in your next book but do not maarry the young ones just yet. I have all of her books and have just re-read them after they sat in boxes for the last 4 years. I enjoyed them just as much the second time as I did the first time I read them. Keep up the good work. Thank you for making my like so much richer and fuller. I am handicapped and I do love to read.
Carolyn L. Brachear
Indianapolis, IN USA
Wed Aug 7 13:34:23 EDT 2002
I am reading Jayne Ann Krentz's book called FLASH. It is a really good book, however I have noticed a slight typo. There seems to be a grammatical error on Page 34. The sentence goes as follows " The client woud be pleased- and it doesn't have an end punctuation. I believe it only needs a period. Just thought I would bring this to your attention.
Richmond, VA USA
Wed Aug 7 11:34:26 EDT 2002
am a big fan of both Amanda Quick/Jayne Ann Krentz. I have not missed one of their books. I just finished reading "Don't Look Back". I was disappointed!! The plot seemed to me to be lifeless ... It just dragged along without any sparks between the main characters. I missed the romance ...
Burtonsville, MD USA
Tue Aug 6 03:36:44 EDT 2002
Hi there, I confess that I have never read any Jayne Krentz books but I have read all of the Amanda Quick I could lay my hands on (not easy)stunning stories although some of the male's could be a little more powerful and notorius, never the less Amanda remains one of my favorite historical romance writers Keep them coming. Waiting with breathless anticipation for the next one , love Terry
Terry Hogan
Randburg, South Africa
Sun Aug 4 20:14:00 EDT 2002
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quicks books over the years. She weaves a tale that keeps the reader captivated; hesitant to put the book down as each page holds something more exciting. Thank you for bringing a touch of class to the romance world.
Dana L. Wheeler
Wed Jul 31 07:51:42 EDT 2002
Hi I have always made a note of any authors whose books I really like. Imagine my suprise when I found your website and discovered that you are most of them! keep the books coming under any of your names I enjoy them all
Janine Le Cras
Guernsey, UK C.I.
Tue Jul 30 23:14:07 EDT 2002
Just finished Don't Look Back, what a great read. Looking forward to the continuing story. Have read all your books as Amanda Quick and they just keep getting better and better. Thanks
Karen Hobson
Parry Sound, On Canada
Tue Jul 30 14:55:44 EDT 2002
Would love to see more books in the Jayne Castle series. It's been soooo long since you've added to this group. Love the intense focus and intrigue in these books.
Jean Haak
Mount Prospect, IL USA
Sun Jul 28 13:54:47 EDT 2002
I just finished "Don't Look Back" which is a continuation of the characters in "Shady Lady". I really enjoyed these books and look forward to you bringing these unusual people together again in a forthcoming novel.
Fri Jul 26 05:14:36 EDT 2002
I just want to thank you for all the great books - you have kept me entertained for hours. I love the way you keep the humor going in you books, the well developed characters and the tension and suspense you create. Please keep it coming.
Audrey Groenewald
Brighton, UK
Wed Jul 24 20:00:25 EDT 2002
i love the way you write, your characters just come to life! keep up the good work and wish your ideas would just continue to flow ...
Tue Jul 23 20:04:00 EDT 2002
Ms. Quick, just finished reading "Don't Look Back" and loved it I just recently discovered your books at the library and am greatly enjoying working my way through them. Keep up the good work. Also, please, more Lavinia and Tobias (and Emeline and Anthony) stories!
Cincinnati, OH
Sat Jul 20 03:56:34 EDT 2002
Dear Jayne, I write you from Germany. I am so excited about your books that I can put them down when I have started. I especially like the Amanda Quick and Janelle Taylor Books. For many years I havent readed any book but the way you write is wonderful. I just wanna tell you: "Thank you for the pleasure to share your talent with the world".
Germany, Frankfurt
Thu Jul 18 18:48:46 EDT 2002
Amanda Quick's books are so exciting and fun to read I can hardly put them down. I now own all her books and enjoy reading them over and over. They never get boring, and the male characters in her books always send me in the hysterics. Thank you amanda quick.
Jocelynn Ogaz
pasadena, ca USA
Wed Jul 17 17:55:12 EDT 2002
Hello, I have only one more book to collect and I will have all of the Amanda Quick books. I really enjoy them and I collect because I like to have them to read again,always miss something the first time around. Thank you for many, many hours of enjoyable reading. Patricia
Patricia Nehman
Fonda, IA USA
Wed Jul 17 12:56:23 EDT 2002
I just got through reading Dont look back.the cover was very good, the Title was good,the book itself,was a let down.I expected better,in fact the last couple of books were'nt up to your usual standards,sorry.that's what I think.
jvl, wi rock
Wed Jul 17 12:27:24 EDT 2002
Jayne Krentz is a blast. She's got such a fun sense of humor, that I rarely ever get irritated with some of the nonsensical conversations that take place. Not to mention having the talent to bring scenes to life with so few phrases. Thank you for all the lovely evenings in her company.
Krista Lindblom
Leonard , MI USA
Tue Jul 16 12:34:54 EDT 2002
The Eclipse Bay books are great. I have them in paperback, but my seniors could not read those and got them in LARGE PRINT. The books have not found a home on the shelves to this day. They stayed checked out. All of your books in whatever name are great.
Shirley McGraw
Lonoke, AR USA
Tue Jul 16 03:11:08 EDT 2002
Greetings to you and your guests. Love what you’ve done with your site. As an educator I can say you have great communication skills.
Catherine <none>
La Mesa, Ca US
Mon Jul 15 18:56:57 EDT 2002
I'm so looking forward to the re-releases coming in September and October. I wasn't reading romance in the 80's (silly me) and I so enjoy your books/stories. Each one is just as good as a brand new one for me. My very favorite book is Mischief.
Jannamarie DeLorenzo
Banning, CA USA
Mon Jul 15 04:15:09 EDT 2002
Your books are great! Its just that I have difficulty in securing some of your books here in the Philippines. Warmest regards.
Anie Taganile
Manila, Philippines
Sat Jul 13 19:10:35 EDT 2002
I have just recently discovered your Jayne Ann Krentz novels, and have pretty much worked my way through our public library. I had no idea that there were other books written under different pseudonyms, and I look forward to reading more. What a gift you have, and give. Thank you.
Collingwood, On Canada
Thu Jul 11 09:03:02 EDT 2002
I think your books are great. I have enjoyed every one.
Mimi Parrish <11159 Salem Rd.>
Pavo, GA USA
Wed Jul 10 06:02:22 EDT 2002
I wish I did what you do instead of making piano benches. Your site looks great.
San Diego, Ca US
Tue Jul 9 01:15:30 EDT 2002
Warm greetings from Thailand, Jayne! You are my most favourite writer. I have started your books 7 years ago and felt in love with your styles and characters. I wish to have all of your books. Now I have got only 27 books. But my friend has got all. Thanks a lot for sharing your happiness with us. Little angel
BKK, Thailand
Sat Jul 6 21:59:13 EDT 2002
I have been a faithful reader for years and always find myself reaching for one of your book whenever I need something to read!! They are all pretty worn out after being read over and over so many times!!!!
Sandra Beekhof
Mississauga, ONT CANADA
Mon Jul 1 22:25:24 EDT 2002
I have every Amanda Quick book, and most of JAK's and as many as I can get in hardback I buy. I love to read you and E. Lowell. Please keep writing. Its a great Sunday afternoon to curl up with one of your books. Thank You A Military Wife in Ga
Toni Sims
Hinesville, Ga USA
Mon Jul 1 01:11:06 EDT 2002
Since I read the first line of CRYSTAL FLAME I have been a huge fan! I read your books over and over... each time I enjoy your characters more. The moments of escape that you give readers like me are precious and I will always appreciate the gifts of your imagination that you share. God Bless you and may those voices in your head never cease, Donna
Donna Addison-Misite
Las Vegas, NV USA
Sun Jun 30 22:58:57 EDT 2002
wish she could write as fast as I can read

Fri Jun 28 09:28:23 EDT 2002
I love your books. I've just finished Slightly Shady. I love your characters and their stories. If I start to read your book, I can't take it down, while I finished to read it. Thank you.
Fri Jun 28 03:09:09 EDT 2002
Hello Jayne! I am please to let you know i have books from you on my tbr. I have read an "oldie" from you; a Harl. Tempt. "A woman's Touch" I have to tell you I just loved this lovely story! I also wanted to have some infos: Is it here that I have to sign for the Contest you offered as Amanda Quick,"Don't look Back"? I would like to take my chance on that book; read an excerpt and wow, sounds great! Thank you for your books and beautiful writing Jayne, Amically, Judith :-)
Judith Venne
Joliette, Qc. CANADA
Wed Jun 26 21:52:45 EDT 2002
Hi, Miss Krentz, Just finished reading Summer in Eclipse Bay. Loved it, loved it. The humor & romance are wonderful. I'm going to miss these characters! Can't wait to read Don't Look Back. I'm a big fan of Amanda Quick books also. Have read all of your books, usually more than once!!! Anxiously awaiting your next one.
Martha Lawson
Rosedale, MS US
Wed Jun 26 18:40:09 EDT 2002
Jayne,always love reading your books;a friend got me started a few years ago and I haven't stopped! Just got "Don't Look Back" and look forward to hearing the continuing saga of Lavinia and Tobias.......keep them coming!
Mon Jun 24 19:13:58 EDT 2002
I just got done reading Don't Look Back. I think it was even better then Slightly Shady. I hope there will be another one soon with Lake and March.
Danville, Pa USA
Mon Jun 24 15:36:37 EDT 2002
just enjoyed your last book about the inspector. It opened great and read ever night a couple of pages. this was the first book I have read of yours. thanks when is the next one coming out??
pat gillespie <juno or yahoo>
maple glen, pa us
Sun Jun 23 11:05:59 EDT 2002
keep keeping it real!
kaduna, Nigeria
Sat Jun 22 20:58:55 EDT 2002
I have been a fan for many years. I have enjoyed reading your books.
Lilly Wittstrom
Bowie, Md USA
Thu Jun 20 15:58:01 EDT 2002
I just wanted to say that I have read everything that you have written and enjoyed everyone one of them. Your latest,"Don't Look Back" is a wonderful follow-up to the first book. I hope you have no ideas of stopping at this book. These are wonderful characters and I would love to see more of them. It is so nice to have something spunky and moving to reading when I am stuck in an airport. Thanks for such great books.
Marie Cohen
Mount Joy, PA Lancaster
Tue Jun 18 12:22:18 EDT 2002
I adore all the jayne Krentz and Amanda Quick books. I can re-read them many times over. greatly anticipate all new releases
judy mcanney
winter springs, fl usa
Tue Jun 18 07:46:12 EDT 2002
I have everything that has been written by Jane Ann Krentz and Amanda Quick. You are by far my favorite author. I always anxiously await the next book. Please don't ever stop writing!!
Helen Preece
Jacksonville, FL USA
Fri Jun 14 21:42:08 EDT 2002
I just read Summer In Eclipse Bay and am looking forward to reading more of Jayne Ann Krentz's books. I hope that I can find them in the library where I found this one. It was quite enjoyable. Thank you.
Connie Glozer
Boardman, oh USA
Wed Jun 12 16:51:52 EDT 2002
I absolutely love the Eclipse Bay series. Why shoot and damn, its the best! Thanks for some great books.
Mary J Downs
Eden, NC USA
Tue Jun 11 02:38:21 EDT 2002
Jayne, I love all your books, I have read basically every book you have written as Amanda Quick, Jayne Anne Krentze and Jayne Castle. I find it great that your characters use loose leaf teas and fuss if they have to use a tea bag, I am the same way but then again I am spoiled since I am a Tea Merchant. It gives me a feeling that you really enjoy what you do if you put in such small details, like when you name a certain type of tea, like in Smoke and Mirrors when the enjoy a cup of Hojicha ( which is a lovely Japanese Roasted Green Tea), you feel a part of their lives. Well as I said I love your book and if you are ever in Victoria, BC Canada come in to Special Teas it would be a honour to meet you.
Irene Drmla
Vicrotia, BC Canada
Mon Jun 10 20:43:09 EDT 2002
I just finished "Summer in Eclispe Bay" and loved it. I have enjoyed each of your Eclsipse Bay novels and hope that you have more (if not Eclispe Bay then any where) to come. Thanks
Ocean Springs, ms usa
Sun Jun 9 14:53:23 EDT 2002
Hello Jayne, My friends and I at The Ridiculous Book Store just LOVE your books. We tell everyone about them. Our friends just can't wait for the next one to come out. Thanks for the lasting enjoyment you bring to us.
Mary <www.trbsi.com>
Gulfport, MS USA
Sat Jun 8 08:10:22 EDT 2002
hi jayne, i am in the middle of summer in eclipse bay and am loving it. i bought eclipse bay on sunday and by tuesday was back at the book store buying the other 2. i love the humor and romance in your novels. i've read some of your amanda quick books and a bunch of the jayne ann krentz ones and have enjoyed all of them. thank you for giving me hours of pleasure and interesting characters. hope all is well for you. be well, be happy, lisa
Lisa Dula
tampa, fl USA!!!
Thu Jun 6 01:04:00 EDT 2002
I haven't read any of your work, nor do I plan to, but your guestbook is a shining example of uninspired blandness held up high in some distant and only remotely accessible corner of the web for the world to view.
phoenix, az usa
Wed Jun 5 12:29:25 EDT 2002
Hy Jane, the two books that i have read i love them very much (Scandal and Whith this ring), unfortunately as i am in Portugal its dificult to find more books as Amanda Quick. I would love to read more, i love the way as you write, you are a very romantic person and whith your books i fly very hight, when i start to read i can't stop until finish the book. Thanks, and forgive my english, because i am Portuguese. Kisses
Susana Gouveia
Sun Jun 2 22:12:14 EDT 2002
Hi my Mum put me on to your books I love all of them. I especialy your Science-fiction eg Amaryllis. My dad was hoping you could write some more about St Helens. By From Claire
Claire James
Lavington, nsw Australia
Sun Jun 2 01:59:54 EDT 2002
Hi Jayne, I've been reading your books from my first Stephanie James novel I picked up years ago to Summer in Eclipse bay. For a few years I didn't realize that a few of my favorite authors were the same person, but I've always bought and kept your books under what ever name you publish. I've got one question about your Eclipse Bay trilogy. Are you sure you didn't write it about the town I live in here in Texas. Port Aransas is a small town on the Tx gulf coast (pop. 3000) that is just like Eclipse Bay. You have to be born here or have lived here most of your life to be a "local". Gossip central is really two places, the post office, where everyone still goes to pick up their mail, and the Island Cafe, where I work. Every afternoon around 3:00 here comes all the local gossips for coffee and a couple hours of talking about anyone who isn't there. We're just another tourist town with a lot of "crazy characters". I also wanted to thank you for turning my oldest daughter into a reader. At 16 she got bored one day and asked for a book. I got her hooked on you and Kay Hooper's books and she has been reading steadily since. Keep the great adventures coming.
Donna D. Brown
Port Aransas, TX U.S.A.
Fri May 31 19:25:14 EDT 2002
Hi I just want to say that I love your books so much. I enjoy them so much that I have all your stories. I just think that one day you should write a stroy were all your female character's from affair through with this ring should all meet up some place in Londan and that something bad is going to happen that all of there husbands get together to find were they are. And somewhere down the line they find out that they all have one enemy in common. thank you for having the time to here me out especially with my imagination running wild with me, but honestly think about it. It would really be a very good book and I think your fans would love it so much. thank you.
Latricia Ignacio
naperville, IL United States
Thu May 30 17:05:12 EDT 2002
I've just started "Dawn in Eclipse Bay", after reading "Eclipse Bay". I waited till all three books in the trilogy were available. I can't put it down. I have enjoyed all your books. Thanks so much for all the enjoyable reading. I know when I pick up one of your books, whether new or one I haven't read, I can look forward to good reading. Diane
Diane Helfgott
Houston, TX USA
Wed May 29 13:51:35 EDT 2002
When Slightly Shady happened to "fall" into my grocery cart, it took me awhile to start the first page. But, once I did, WOW, I couldn't put it down! Lavinia and Tobias rule! Glad I decided to start reading. I am looking forward to "Don't Look Back."
Terri Lorah
Ephrata, pa USA
Wed May 29 11:37:54 EDT 2002
I truly love all of your books. I just wish you could write more. Thank you for many wonderful hours of reading pleasure.
Dalila Dos Santos
Chicopee, MA USA
Tue May 28 09:47:46 EDT 2002
Thank you! Love your new stuff but have been scouting used book stores to get your old books. Keep up the fabulous work - you're terrific!
Aimee Hutchins Cronin
Essex Junction, Vermont, Vermont usa
Sat May 25 14:51:41 EDT 2002
I just read my first Amanda Quick book, 'Ravished' it was excellent I like strong heorines but I found the love scenes were not explicit enough but still great reading. I checked out the web site to see the other books and to my surprise I have read and loved books by JAK and some of my favourite books are by Stephanie James, the same person. Where I live books are very expensive, and I am an avid reader of romance novels since I was a teenage, and my collection is very important to me so I pick my authors very carefully. Historical romance are my favourite so I will start saving to get the collection.
Linus Bibby
St. Vincent W.I.
Sat May 25 09:46:27 EDT 2002
Love your books, especially the Eclipse Bay novels. Continued success.
Sat May 25 00:54:42 EDT 2002
My friends and I at work love listening to your audio books while keying insurance claims. Your a great author. Thanks so much for keeping the monotony out of a very monotonous job.
Amber Lowery
Latexo, TX USA
Sat May 25 00:46:33 EDT 2002
Work @ bookstore so can't even open a page of your books before the street date. Was so glad to get the third Eclipse Bay. Only three more days til second Lavinia. Will post more on board. Thanks for so much great reading.
Donna M Brown <http://hometown.aol.com/dbrown3400>
Branchburg, NJ USA
Fri May 24 03:13:58 EDT 2002
I just love your work - I have just picked up your latest - "Don't Look Back" - and I know I am going to have a real beaut weekend - thank you, thank you, thank you.
Penny Goodwin
Sydney, NSW Australia
Fri May 24 00:01:52 EDT 2002
I haven't been on-line but a short time. I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for all the wonderful adventures I went along on in your books...I've always felt as if I were there..."Like I have been to England..etc." I would love to visit there someday...and see some of the places you described so vividly. I have read all of your books written under Amanda Quick..it was some time before I knew you wrote under other names. =) Just decided to check if you had a web-site. Excited....a very very nice site and a new place to talk to other fans. Keep up the awesome adventures. I adore the clever female characters you create from book to book...and of course the unique male characters. I enjoy how you create men who find the unique female characters intriguing...Thank You Velinda--Ft. Worth, Texas
Velinda <www.PuddleofMudd.com>
Fort Worth, TX U.S.A
Thu May 23 00:51:27 EDT 2002
Tue May 21 12:24:09 EDT 2002
I have been reading JAK since I was 13. I even took Zinnia and Orcid on my honeymoon, I had to because I married a man who I felt had a lot of JAK hero's traits.
kitchener, on canada
Mon May 20 11:19:40 EDT 2002
Honesty is when there is harmony in what we think say or do Devotion is the ability to be loving kind and true. Love One Love All We Share Courage Faith Hope and Prayer:)
Positive Poetic Perusal <http://www.c2c2c.ca>
Vancouver, BC Canada
Sun May 19 21:41:46 EDT 2002
I have every Jayne Ann Krentz book that is in print. I love them all. I look forward to new books that you are writing as well as older book that are reprinted. Keep on writing because your books are great to read.
Heather Nobbs
Hampshire, il usa
Sun May 19 19:23:15 EDT 2002
i enjoy the list of books to check with ones i haven't read yet. i would like to see a list of books that or trilogy, to beable to make sure you get all the books and not miss any. i enjoy reading trilogies.
patsy hebert
houma, la 7364
Sat May 18 16:45:31 EDT 2002
I really love your books under any name. Keep writing such wonderful books.
Terri Evers

Thu May 16 14:50:18 EDT 2002
As some of you other readers, did, I started w/ your Amanda Quick books, but when I discovered you had different types of books under different names, I began to buy anything written by you. I love all your books, but actually enjoy the ones under Krentz best. I will be having surgery soon and the last Cove book has been saved for my month long recovery. It won't take that long, unfortunately. I read so fast and just devour your work. Thank you so much for being such a prolific writer.
Yvonne Murray
Mesa, AZ USA
Wed May 15 17:43:21 EDT 2002
nice site.I like books with overweight women charaters esp.mysteries.If you know of any to write
robyn <http://profiles.yahoo.com/mrschubby0>
ca usa
Wed May 15 09:35:33 EDT 2002
I love your books...they are absolutely wonderful!!! my mother is really angry because instead of going to bed early to get enough sleep for school the next day...I stay up until like one in the morning reading...
Kadian Tracey
scar, canada
Wed May 15 07:20:41 EDT 2002
Hi, since i read a bokk from you 3 years ago i can´t stop buying your books. I youst hope that you will continue to write so good and wonderful storys. Youst the best christiane from hannover (Germanny)
hannover, germany
Tue May 14 14:33:50 EDT 2002
Hej! I love all you books I have read on danish, and I hope ther will came more from you on danish. Thank you from Helle from Denmark
Helle Schou
Skanderborg, DK
Tue May 14 00:55:09 EDT 2002
Thank you for the beautiful writing skill. You are very talented and imaginative. Most of your books under the name of Amanda Quick I have read or own and reread.
Renata Pfeifer
flint, MI
Mon May 13 14:14:28 EDT 2002
I have always read the Krentz books and loved them, but was never been a fan of historicals until I read the Quick books. Now I can't read them fast enough. I would love to see more from the "Jayne Castle" line of books. Thanks for the hours of enjoyment you have given me.
Barb Nickelsen
St. Paul, MN USA
Fri May 10 11:14:14 EDT 2002
I want to tell you that it doesn't much matter what you write or the pen name which you use, I always read ALL your books. I love your style of writing: in each book, there is humour, romanticism and suspens. You are one of my two favorite authors (the other is Julie GARWOOD). Only one word: CONGRATULATIONS. And please, continue to make us dream.
Fabiola CHENET <http:/monsite.wanadoo.fr/chetnetfamily>
Wed May 8 15:43:13 EDT 2002
Thank you for providing many hours of reading pleasure!! I love all of your books, the past, present and futuristic! You have fed my addiction for romance and adventure well!
Sarah Johnson
Temecula, CA USA
Sat Apr 27 04:24:58 EDT 2002
Hi Amanda,I am reading SLIGHTLY SHADY and really enjoying it.So glad Lavinia and Tobias story is going to go in another book.Maybe Emeline and Anthony could have a book of their own in the future.Thank you Johnny
Johnny Medlin <(9o9)983-3050>
Ontario , Ca. U.S.A.
Wed Apr 24 16:16:59 EDT 2002
If youre Jayneann who use to visit Charlie & Viola on Staten Island and have a brother David and sister Kathy and you're from Holyoke Mass. I'd love to hear from you. Leonora
Leonora Valenti
Staten Island, NY
Tue Apr 23 23:43:34 EDT 2002
I love all your books and your writting as Jayne Castle, you keep me coming back for more!!!!!
Hattie Curier
birmingham , al jefferson
Tue Apr 23 21:07:44 EDT 2002
I have read all of your books and think they are great. Keep up the good work.
Karen C. Garcia
Jasper, TX
Tue Apr 23 02:05:01 EDT 2002
"DREAM TRAVELS"...I had a dreaming \ That rose up \ Like a phoenix in the soul \ And windsweeping, a juggernaut \ Flashed across the canopy of the universe \ In all of its galactic majesty \ And I thought of you \ In the morning's moment.\\ I had a dreaming that time-warped \ The continuum of existence and \ In that millesecond of the kaleidoscope \ I thought of you \ After all this immortal glimpse \ Of God's good grace \ And the power and pomp of pillars \ And the portals of divinity \ And the vortices of infinity. \\ I had a dreaming \ That we met again \ At the end of our long journeys \ Light-years away from then \ To now pass no more \ As lightships in the seas of eternity \ But as lovers once again \ Waltz-stepping the high plateaus of Nirvana \ Through the fields and dales of Crepe Myrtle \ And into the arms of God's mistress of bliss.\\ j. Licata, San Jose State Alumni
Jay Licata
Seattle, Wa.
Fri Apr 19 11:37:55 EDT 2002
Enjoyed Slightly Shady and everything else I've read of yours!
Shirley Shope
Hazlehurst, GA USA
Tue Apr 16 21:52:57 EDT 2002
This is my first time in your site. I believe I own almost all your books under all your various psuedonyms. Have too many favorites to mention. Am looking forward to the final Eclipse Bay. May your writing genes stay fertile for a long time to come. dmb
Donna M. Brown <www.hometown.aol.com/dbrown3400>
Branchburg, NJ USA
Tue Apr 16 19:01:48 EDT 2002
Hi there, from a brand new reader! I've just begun reading your novels and I find them to be fascinating and extremely Charming. I'm an avid reader and I've read about 12 of your books in the past 2 months... I have to say that I have enjoyed every single one! Your a wonderful author, I thank you very much for brighting my life just a little more with your novels. A fan for life, LeanneGagnon
Shearwater, NS Canada
Mon Apr 15 01:12:56 EDT 2002
Have read most of your books (except futursitic ones). Particuarly like all the Amanda Quick books - you have a large following here in Australia - what a shame yo don't get more people from here say thanks for being such an enjoyable author - keep up the good work and I look forward to your next books.
Fri Apr 12 01:50:37 EDT 2002
Thanks for feeding my compulsion for a good story. Have read lots of your books, all I could find in my local bookstores. My goal is to read them all.

I love your characterizations, the fact that all of your characters start out "flawed" but grow as the story progresses. Yeah, yeah, I know that EVERY story should have the ol' flawed character thing. It's just that you do it so well. You make me like the character before AND after the transformation.

Thanks again!
Lanna Lee

Wed Apr 10 20:21:29 EDT 2002
I've been reading your novels since I was 17. 13 years later and I am anxiously awaiting your newest novel due out on May 28th. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just started rereading all your other Amanda Quick novels in anticipaition. Thanks again.
Galloway, NJ 08205
Mon Apr 8 07:53:04 EDT 2002
Jane, I've really enjoyed your books, they intrigue me!!! I especially love the Eclipse Bay Trilogy, i really enjoyed the first two book and can't wait for the last one to come out!!! keep up the good work!!!
Indinapolis, IN USA
Sat Apr 6 16:43:04 EST 2002
i love all amanda quick books. cannot wait for don't look back to hit the store.
ruth harrell
fayetteville, nc usa
Fri Apr 5 15:36:40 EST 2002
Have read and loved all your Amada Quick books. There witty, intriguing and sexy. I also like the Jayne Ann Krentz books though I haven't read all of them (YET!). But I have to say, I especially love the Jayne Castle books. After Dark got me started and since then I've read Amaryllis, Zinnia and Orhid--Can't wait for the next one. I love the futuristic and physic stuff. IT'S OUT OF THIS WORLD (literally)! GIVE ME MORE!
Bonny Cropper
Tampa, FL USA
Thu Apr 4 21:13:49 EST 2002
Read all of your book, including Smoke and Mirrors. Enjoyed them all
gladis johnson
Laud. Lks., Fl US
Thu Apr 4 02:22:28 EST 2002
I just finished slightly shady and as always it was fabulous. I am so glad there is a second book because I didn't want their story to end!!! I also recently finished Rendezvous, and I have started Ravished!!! I love the humor and mystery you put in each of your books. It makes the historical story more exctiting.Your female characters have the most interesting jobs and are very realistic. My two favorites so far have been Desire, loved the perfume and island wow!! and Mystique, like you said who doesn't love mid-evil and knights and legends!! Mystique was actually the first book I read of yours. Now I am buying all your others to add to my collection. Anyway enough of my babble thanks again for creating wonderful characters the make me laugh and draw me in so I have to finish the book the same day!!!!
portland, or usa
Mon Apr 1 21:00:44 EST 2002
As many of your other fans have stated, I too have read all of your books written under "Amanda Quick". My relaxation time is rare with our busy schedule, so when I do pick up a book, I don't put it down until it is completed. The only thing that I have to say about the "Amanda Quick" series is that I am far from relaxed, but very intrigued and amazed at how the story draws the reader in. I certainly won't say that it is a waste of relaxation time, because it certainly is some of the most enjoyable time that I have spent. I enjoy reading historicals but find very few that keep my interest. I congratulate you. You have not only been able to hold my interest, but I can't wait for the next release. Excellent Job!!!
Brenda Kuyek
Swan Hills, AB Canada
Sun Mar 31 22:16:21 EST 2002
I've read just about all of your books (and fell in love with them immediately) - under most of your names - but I have to say that lately I've found a drop in quality. Both "Smoke and Mirrors" and "Lost and Found" left me a little dissapointed in the romance area. Instead of the hot and heavy scenes you used to have, you seem to be glossing over the details and/or eliminating the quantity that used to be the zing in your older books. And PLEASE don't get into the series or trilogies! They are very frustrating when you have to wait for the next book.
Hollywood, FL
Sun Mar 31 22:15:22 EST 2002
Ever since I read the first Amanda Quick book, I have fallen under your spell! I, too, have read all of your books over and over again. As soon as they come out in the bookstore, i have a copy! Keep up the good work! Don't change your writing style because this is what drew me to you!
San Leandro, CA USA
Sat Mar 30 21:06:33 EST 2002
I have read all of your Amanda Quick books from beginning end several times over. I am a diehard fan of historical romance. You are one of my favorite authors. I usually read everything I can get my hands on, but your books are the only ones that I keep and read over and over again. Thanks for the memeories of great reading time.
St. Helena Isl., SSC USA
Fri Mar 29 18:06:37 EST 2002
I loved "Slightly Shady". The Lavinia & Tobias "adventure/romance series" concept is a welcome departure from the regular Amanda Quick writings - I have read everything written under the AQ nom de plume and appreciate this new twist in literary style. Kudos :)
Trinidad & Tobago
Fri Mar 29 14:45:52 EST 2002
I just wanted to say 'thanks' for all the wonderful hours I have spent reading all your books. I am a diehard fan.

Fri Mar 29 11:32:09 EST 2002
I have been hooked on your books since reading Ravished. I combed the library and second hand book stores for any and all under all your pseudonyms. Your books are the only ones I keep and reread countless times. I enjoy reading and will read anything I can get my hands on but yours are the only ones I keep in my home (except for Nora Roberts Donovan seies.) Most of the books I have are in their original printings. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. Thanks for countless hours of enjoyment.
Myra Butler
Moss Bluff, La USA
Mon Mar 25 21:07:44 EST 2002
From a Sand dog point of veiw me thinks your tops why i dont even eat your books (mom really gets me for this):) but Mommy was telling me she sells alot of your books and thinks your pretty cool tooo . Stop by my website and meet me !! Looking for Authors whom want to have their pictures taken with me for Daddy's Up comeing Sand Dog Times !! I is helping him wif that and my auntie Tai too Got to go Mollie
Mollie <http://www.angelfire.com/ca6/ThisIsIt/>
Porterville, Ca USA
Mon Mar 25 18:26:59 EST 2002
I have read everyone of your books, in all of your pseudonyms. I love how all of your heroines are strong and self sufficient. I"ll keep buying your books as long as you keep writing them. Thank you so much for writing books that allows are imagination run wild.
tammy donahue
vanier, on canada
Mon Mar 25 16:45:32 EST 2002
Kristen Holtz
Fort Worth, TX usa
Mon Mar 25 14:34:07 EST 2002
I have been reading your Amanda Quick work for over ten years and I am still in love with them. I love your heroines. They are not your run-of-the-mill romance heroines. I can't wait for the next novel! one of your biggest fans! Jeanette Wiley
Jeanette Wiley <n/a>
Columbus, GA USA
Sun Mar 24 20:53:40 EST 2002
love all her books...keep them coming...
Madeleine Nielson
Aylmer, Que Canada
Sun Mar 24 14:13:34 EST 2002
I love all the Amanda Quick Books. The characters are so compelling.
Linda Ridley <19721 Morden Blush Drive>
Lutz, Fl USA
Sun Mar 24 04:51:08 EST 2002
I have read books you have written as Amanda Quick for years and never thought to read one you wrote as Jayne Ann Krentz until 'Trust Me'. I love it and have since become a fan. I am currently reading 'Dawn in Ecilpse Bay' and I will get 'Lost And Found' and 'Mirrors And Smoke'. Just letting you know how much I enjoy your books.
Tamika Kong
Mt. Vernon, NY USA
Sat Mar 23 20:01:52 EST 2002
Well Jayne, this is the first of your books that I've read (Smoke and Mirrors)it certainly won't be the last! I'm passing it on to my friend with whome I have shared books by Jan Burke and Liza Scottolini. That puts you in excellent company. Thanks for a great ride.
Linda Watson
Liverpool, NY USA
Sat Mar 23 10:22:55 EST 2002
I stay up all night it seems just to finish your book just because I can't lay it down. Then I go to bed only to think about it. I truly love your writing.
amy <yahoo.com>
westminster, sc oconee
Fri Mar 22 21:27:41 EST 2002
Miss Krentz, I just finished reading Smoke in Mirrors last night. You have another winner! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can hardly wait for the next Eclipse Bay book. Thank you for hours of reading pleasure. ( I say hours because I can hardly put one down till I'm through!!!!) Martha Lawson
Martha Lawson
Rosedale, MS United States
Thu Mar 21 13:22:59 EST 2002
Hi Jayne. I have truly enjoyed reading your books over the years. Thank you so much for the pleasure. Nancy
Nancy Wolfe
Goldsboro, NC USA
Wed Mar 20 15:43:21 EST 2002
Hello Jayne, Your books bring to life many dreams and forward all expectations, excitement, ecstasies to the frontline of enjoyment. Faafeatai lava, Jayne. God bless. Louisa McMullin
Louisa McMullin
Lakewood, WA USA
Wed Mar 20 14:12:54 EST 2002
Hi Jayne! You can't write fast enough for me!!! PLEASE more Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle fantasies!
Lisa Altman

Wed Mar 20 12:24:41 EST 2002
Hi Jayne!! I just LOOVE your books!! I read you under all of your names. I first fell in love with you books at the age of 15 , eleven years later you books still get better and better! My all time favorites are Rendevous and Family Man. Keep the wonderful work up!! When are you going to write another Jayne Castle Novel? I am waiting patiently!!
Jody Johnson <msn>
39667, ms usa
Tue Mar 19 11:57:31 EST 2002
Hi Jayne! I still remember the thrill I felt at reading my first Amanda Quick novel, SURRENDER...only to discover that you write contemporary romance novels as well. I was over the moon. *s* Your backlist contains some incredible reading gems: RAVISHED is still my favourite, I think. Thank you for cementing my love of the romance genre!
C.L. Jeffries <http://romanticfiction.tripod.com>
London, ON Canada
Mon Mar 18 14:21:59 EST 2002
I am really looking for your 3rd in the series of Eclipse Bay.
Barbara L. Warren
El Cajon, CA USA
Fri Mar 15 16:16:14 EST 2002
I really enjoy all your books. I have most of your novels.
Heather Rainville
Welland , ON Canada
Wed Mar 13 11:31:35 EST 2002
Hi Jayne, I am big fan of your Amanda Quick/JAK books! When my cousin from California gifted me with your book 'Rendezvous' 13 years ago (I was 20 back then), I never knew that I would appreciate historical romances & more so, loving all the books you've written as AQ/JAK! I have a collected all the titles you have written as AQ/JAK. I was surprised that you also write about the future as Jayne Castle-it just means that I have to start on another project of reading this sub-genre (I am sure I would love it, coming from you). Your stories have this timeless appeal and even though I know by heart the stories in each of your books, I still keep on re-reading... amazing thing is, the effect on me is pretty much the same as if I have read it for the first time! Congratulations to you on your latest, 'Smoke in Mirrors' (I am one of those who had ordered it in advance, since I don't think I can wait until the bookstores here in Dubai would stock it) Keep on writing... you truly are an inspiration. Your books make me laugh, keeps my heart beating fast in suspense - a very good exercise for the heart, really! :-) You bring out the most positive characters that after reading each stories I feel so good about myself and the whole world! Here's CHEERS to you!
N. Joy de Villena
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mon Mar 11 13:45:17 EST 2002
I have been reading and enjoying her books for 17+ years. I am especially delighted by the characters and the interesting women she writes about. They are unique, wonderful and fascinating women. Ms. Krentz' books are the best women's fiction I have read. When I get a new book of hers I often read it in a few evenings. They are truly great page turners, and I cannot stop until they are over. My bookshelves are lined with a lot of Castle, Krentz and Quick titles. Thank you for the years of exciting titles.
Heidy Kr.
Seattle, WA USA
Mon Mar 11 08:26:14 EST 2002
I love all of her books. No matter what name she writes under. I have all Amanda Quick in hardcover. I can not wait for the books to come out in paperback so foot the cost of the hardcover. I just wish she could write faster.
Yvonne Thompson
Chester, VA USA
Sun Mar 10 22:27:30 EST 2002
always waiting for your next book.
Jeanie Butler
Toppenish, Wa
Sun Mar 10 11:36:07 EST 2002
Hi, I'm a major fan!!!! I have all of your books, but the McFadden and Guilever Jones ones! Any ideas on how to find any of these?? Diana Hanson
Diana Hanson
Limington, ME USA
Sat Mar 9 14:45:42 EST 2002
Amanda Quick books are definitely THE best historical romances out there. I'm 20 ad have been reading Amanda Quick's since I was 15. Since then, I've tried to find another author like her. There isn't one! She's the best. Those books take you away from whatever's going wrong in your life and take you to a wondeful place. Thanks so much, Jayne you're the best.
Nicole Waters
Augusta, GA USA
Thu Mar 7 20:12:18 EST 2002
My daughter started me on your books and now am HOOKED. Keep them coming. Have collected many and re-read, re-read, re-read. Thanks for so many hours of entertainment and relaxation.
D. Roberts
Sun City, AZ
Thu Mar 7 19:54:02 EST 2002
I have loved all Jayne's books. I am currently rereading all the Jayne Castle books, and wish she could find time to do more. Cross genre books are difficult but very enjoyable to readers.
Marilyn Andreini
Grosse Pointe Park, MI USA
Tue Mar 5 20:41:36 EST 2002
Just finished reading Smoke In Mirrors and it fell a little short of expectation. Hero and heroine were too compatible from the start. There was no "bashing of heads" between Thomas and Leonora that are so prevalent with every other J.A.K. book I've read (which is all of them). Perhaps it's because I had just finished reading "Isle of Desire", possibly the best novel I've ever read by any author. Looking forward to the next Amanda Quick adventure.
Toronto, ON Canada
Tue Mar 5 13:11:36 EST 2002
"Walking Out of the Desert" On the day She walked out of the high desert Stumbling out and away From parched and arid moorings And marched for a fortnight To the music of freedom, It was a mere shard of a millesecond That like a juggernauted epiphany, The revelation of having said, To this place: "We are no more!" Came as stunningly As her Phoenixed wings lifted her Updrafted and out and over the desert And into the oasis of her heart's delight For the Camelot tree of her dreams Bore real fruit And what had been The desert prison of her soul Became the verdant, rolling hills and meadows Of all her flowered tomorrows... J.Licata, San Jose State Alumni
Jay Licata
Seattle, Wa
Sat Mar 2 17:50:06 EST 2002
I really enjoy your books. There is humor, mystery and of course love in all of them. Once I start one, I can't put it down. I always look forward to your next one.
Conway, AR USA
Sat Mar 2 13:59:39 EST 2002
I just finished "Smoke in Mirrors", It is wonderful and again for those of us who are busy with life, you never waste our time. Your books are wonderful and I look forward to the next one in whatever time period you choose. Thank you so much.
Wagoner, OK USA
Sat Mar 2 03:25:47 EST 2002
Hello.I started reading your books back when i was 17.I am 20 now and still love them.I really like all the books I read under your name Amanda Quick.I really don't have a favorite one because I like every single one I have read.I have every single Amanda Quick book but the new one coming out in may of this year(2002).I am going to be sure and get that book too.I even got my mom likeing your books.I have a couple under your other name Jayne Ann Krentz.I hope you are going to write alot more books under Amanda Quick like you have under Jayne Ann Krentz.Well thank you for writing all of these good books I get to read.Bye.
Bethany Egan
Fort Wayne, IN U.S.A
Fri Mar 1 12:25:27 EST 2002
Just finished reading "Smoke on Mirrors" and really enjoyed it. One of the best I've read and in only one day. Keep them coming please. Also let's have another Jayne Castle futuristic.
Sue Rumbaugh
Indpls, IN USA
Mon Feb 25 20:45:19 EST 2002
Loved your SMOKE IN MIRRORS. I'm partial to your contempory but read everything you write. More furistic please!!!!!!

Sun Feb 24 12:32:25 EST 2002
I juz wanna say that i love ur heros and heroines that seem to come alive whenever i read ur books.Especially ur Amanda Quick's bks.Ur bks are always enthralling, not to forget ,very romantic!i Wish i could have a hero like the one in ur novels.Well..i'm willing to wait...Lastly,u r a great writer(and among other things..)keep it up!All the best for ur next Amanda Quick book!!
Daianara/Nara Mohamed
Tampines, singapore
Sat Feb 23 21:26:07 EST 2002
love your books- no matter which of your names you use. please keep writing thanks, becky
becky geibel
N. Versailles, PA USA
Fri Feb 22 19:14:40 EST 2002
Been reading you since you were dust on a page. Thanks for the many hours of good reading. While I enjoy all your books my favorite keepers are by Janet Castle, Amanda Quick and some of your earlier works. Thanks again.
Alta Picchi
McKinleyville, CA USA
Fri Feb 22 16:54:16 EST 2002
I have loved your books from the very first one I ever picked up which happened to be Seduction, spent all night if the SF airport reading it! I have never met one of your heriones I havent admired, thank you for making them strong, honest women who's inner beauty shines through to those around them!
Cyndi Monroe
Portland, OR usa
Tue Feb 19 19:16:59 EST 2002
Are there going too be any new book under the name Amanda Quick.
Pam Wallace
Joplin, Mo USA
Tue Feb 19 10:52:26 EST 2002
Mon Feb 18 21:01:28 EST 2002
I just finished reading "Smoke in Mirrors", A DELIGHTFUL read.There was everything in it I enjoy in a book. Romance, Humor, and a Mystery. All the Characters were wonderfully depicted. One of my favorites was Wrench !!! You were a genius to add him to the cast of characters....... I am looking forward to the new Amanda Quick novel, now.
Anne Wiley
Spring Hill, FL U.S.A.
Mon Feb 18 09:11:58 EST 2002
You and Linda Howard are the only books I buy in hardbound. I just can't wait long enough for the papeback versions. I enjoy reading all of your titles, but expecially enjoy the imagination of the Jayne Castle books.
Joanne Bossie
Mesa, AZ USA
Mon Feb 18 00:12:51 EST 2002
I'm probably the first one here to sign-in from the Philippines! Just goes to show that JAK's writing prowess is known all over the world. I'm proud to have read your books and am looking forward to reading more.
Diamond Jaafar
Manila, Philippines
Sat Feb 16 13:57:30 EST 2002
really enjoy your work! would like to find some of your works under other pen names that I have been unable to locate.
jentra smith
renton, wa usa
Fri Feb 15 18:22:00 EST 2002
I have loved every one of your books that I have read and that is a lot. I have read many of your old candlelight written under Jayne Castle. I have probably read all of your Stephanie James novel for Silhouette Desire and your Jayne Anne Krentz ones for Harlequin. I have also read all the Amanda Quick and the new Jayne Castle novels. Thanks for all the reading. You are one of the few authors that is really prolific. I love all your books and I measure most authors by you. Thanks for the great books and keep them coming. I would like to see more futuristic and/or paranormal books. Thanks again.
Jan Belk
St. louis, mo
Fri Feb 15 16:53:43 EST 2002
carol speakman
mattoon, il usa
Thu Feb 14 21:13:55 EST 2002
I have enjoyed all of your books. I just started "The Wedding Night" and it is going to be good. I was surprised to all the other names you write under and I have read many of them. Thank you for all the great reads Dawn Shellhammer Spfld, IL
Dawn Shellhammer
Springfield, IL
Thu Feb 14 09:16:58 EST 2002
Have loved your books for years. Would love to hear more from world of the Shield Lady, especially her daughter.
P. Krank
Louisville, KY Jefferson
Wed Feb 13 21:26:14 EST 2002
I have enjoyed every book that I have read. Keep up the good work.
LuAnn Schwarz
River Vale, NJ USA
Mon Feb 11 19:41:09 EST 2002
i simply love your books--they take me to a wonderful world.
balto, md usa
Mon Feb 11 16:40:18 EST 2002
Thanks for taking me with you on journeys to other times and places. Each time I read one of your Amanda Quick novels, I'm able to escape the ho-hum of everyday life and be transported to a fantastic world of romance and intrigue. All Quick books in print are proudly displayed in my bookcase - lined up in chronological order. I tell everyone I know if they haven't read one, they ought to -just don't ask to borrow any of my copies! Keep 'em coming!
San Diego, CA USA
Sun Feb 10 19:11:58 EST 2002
thanks, love your books.
Alberta Hight
Peculiar, MO USA
Sat Feb 9 20:22:02 EST 2002
I have been an avid fan for many years. Your books have helped me keep sane through college, law school, and motherhood. Thank you.
Arletta Stewart
Lawton, OK USA
Thu Feb 7 15:58:16 EST 2002
I've read a lot of Amanda Quicks and Jayne Ann Krentz. I must say I'm yet to read one and don't enjoy it. That's to say I think Jayne is an extremley talented writer who pleases her readers all the time. By the way when is the final book of the Eclipse Bay trilogy due? I just can't wait!
Leann Dann <msn>
Thu Feb 7 15:56:40 EST 2002
I've read a lot Amanda Quicks and Jayne Ann Krentz. I must say I'm yet to read one and don't enjoy it. That's to say I think Jayne is an extremley talented writer who pleases her readers all the time. By the way when is the final book of the Eclipse Bay trilogy due? I just can't wait!
Leann Dann <msn>
Belle Garden, Tobago, Trinidad&Tobago
Wed Feb 6 18:57:58 EST 2002
I have read everything that you have written under the name of Amanda Quick and almost everything by your other names as well. I have probably read them at least 4 or 5 times a piece. They make me laugh and I can visualize what they are doing. Thank you so much for the hours of enjoyment that I get from your writing. Keep Amanda writing.
Tracey-Lynn Aves
Winnipeg, MB Canada
Tue Feb 5 22:01:53 EST 2002
phyllis becoat
balto, md
Mon Feb 4 19:27:44 EST 2002
I have been reading your books for years and can't wait for the next ones to come out. Where do you get the time and energy to write all those words that keep people enthralled?
Constance Curtis
Orange City, Fl USA
Mon Feb 4 03:10:45 EST 2002
I love reading your books by all names. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
cathy blackwell
chesnee, sc USA
Fri Feb 1 15:44:07 EST 2002
Hi Jayne, I just wanted to let you know that even way out here in the sunny Caribbean we love your books. Although they take a little longer to get to us, it is always worth the wait. I have read you under your own name, as Amanda Quick and as Jayne Castle and I love all of them.
Sun Jan 27 18:55:28 EST 2002
Your heroines have integrity and every time I read one of your books (no matter the author's name) I find some positive role model, both female and male. Also, your work seems to mature as we do. Thank you for giving us older women romances that do not have golden haired 16 year olds as the heroine. Thank you. Emily
nh usa
Fri Jan 25 21:35:53 EST 2002
I started out this morning to get a perm. At the mall I MUST stop by the Waldens and their was Smoke Annd Mirrows.Well their is two things that will run me crazy and that is passing a JayneAnn Krentz or an Amanda Quick book. O I forgot Jayne Castle olso. I hope we will have the chance to reade more Psynergy inck books like Orchid Zinnia and Amaryle and i loved Shields Lady .I think it would if the curtain might open for a while. We all love you Clara.
Clara Fontenot <none>
Lake Charles, LA. u.s.a.
Fri Jan 25 18:16:24 EST 2002
As with the other comments i have read i too have to agree that all the novels are great, especially the historical ones. I love it when the characters appear over again in follow up books concerning family or friends. I cant wait for the next Amanda Quick.
Tracey Figg
London, England
Wed Jan 23 19:21:24 EST 2002
I have read almost all of your books and love the way your characters interact with each other and defeat, conquer, or overwhelm the "bad guys". However, I am waiting to purchase the final book to the Eclipse Bay trilogy. How much longer is the wait for the final book? I am dying to know!
Leona Fontenelle
Durham, NC
Tue Jan 22 22:50:50 EST 2002
I have all the books you have written in all your different names. I love all of them and look forward to the new ones I have already read Smoke in Mirrors just loved it. waiting for the next one! Thank you for all the wonderful hours of entertainment! Bonnie
Bonnie Gann
Fort Worth, TX USA
Tue Jan 22 13:22:44 EST 2002
I love all your books under jayne krentz and especially amanda quick please keep writting them i already read and bought smoke in mirrors and i cannot wait for the next one again love your work
maria everton
new bedford, ma bristol
Mon Jan 21 17:09:15 EST 2002
I've read thru all the comments and can't bear to be unoriginal, but I LOVE your books. I haunt the bookstores patiently (ha!) waiting for my next journey into your world. I've been ill for over a year now and you've been my closest friend. Thank you for being there for me! Keep writing! Faster!!!

Sat Jan 19 19:40:18 EST 2002
I love two things a book on Lady St.Justin's sister Felicity Pomeroy from Ravished & The Earl of Master's brother Bennet from Mistress....PLEASE
Vicky French
Tyler, Tx USA
Fri Jan 18 15:43:10 EST 2002
I love your Amanda Quick books. What I like most is that your heorins are not perfect or beautiful.
Tamara Kelley <yahoo>
Parma, Oh U.S.
Wed Jan 16 19:03:56 EST 2002
your books are some of the best i've ever read! i just love the characters and the plots! i can't wait to get your next book! thanx for writing such great stories!
catherine suan
beverly hills, ca usa
Wed Jan 16 16:04:53 EST 2002
I enjoy your books so much that I have to read them twice(and more!). What happens is that the first time I'm reading the book, I'm reading very quickly because I'm enjoying each page that I can't put it down (I can read your books in a 2-3 hr span without interruptions). Then, after a couple of weeks (while reading other books in between)I go back to your book and read it again alittle more slowly. Crazy, but true. Keep up the great work!
Renee Mc Leod
Richmond Hill, NY USA
Tue Jan 15 21:55:22 EST 2002
i enjoy reading amanda's books and wondered when the next one is coming out
paula poole
mt. vernon, il jefferson
Mon Jan 14 12:09:19 EST 2002
You are my very favorite author...I've been reading everything of yours since you first published (even the old Janet Louise Roberts). Thanks so much for all the pleasure you've given me over the years!
Debra Wolfe
Columbia, SC USA
Mon Jan 14 10:05:57 EST 2002
Whether I'm in the mood for historical, contemporary, or futuristic romance, I know I can pick up one of your books and escape to a place of laughter, intrigue, and sexy dialogue. Thanks for the entertainment and a chance to "get away from it all!"
Karen Stafford
Wilmington, NNC USA
Sun Jan 13 17:17:06 EST 2002
I've enjoyed your books both by Jayne Ann Krentz and Amanda Quick very much. Since finding that I'm possibly going to lose my sight, I've especially enjoyed the audios...one of my favorite readers is Harriet Walker
Myrna Hyland

Sun Jan 13 12:15:36 EST 2002
Thank you for the wonderful hours of enjoyment you have given me.
Karen Rothan
Argyle, Tx USA
Sat Jan 12 23:16:09 EST 2002
Dear Jayne, I know you've heard it before, but I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your Amanda Quick books. When I'm browsing at the bookstore and see another Romance novel lover, I start telling them how wonderful the Amanda Quick books are. I'm so insistent they usually purchase them just to get rid of me. I know they won't be disappointed. Please keep them coming. Thanks. Cookie
Rosemarie Benefield <http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~christieconte>
Tampa, Fl USA
Sat Jan 12 01:14:25 EST 2002
Great website! Thanks for all the hours of reading pleasure. I always look forward to reading your books as soon as they are available.
Westminster, CA USA
Fri Jan 11 14:04:40 EST 2002
Last year I had to read a novel for my 11th grade English class, that was when I read my first Amanda Quick book. Since then I haven't been able to read a book by any other author. I just wanted to say how amazing I think your books are, and keep them coming!!!
Leechburg, PA U.S.A
Fri Jan 11 13:30:25 EST 2002
Dear Jayne, I just finished reading Smoke in Mirrors. It was the best I've ever read. I loved Mirror House. I like the play on words about Thomas's "tools" throughout the book. It was smart and funny and I can't wait for your next book to come out.
Oshkosh, WI USA
Thu Jan 10 01:59:03 EST 2002
Dear Jaynee, I have been reading your books for a long time now, I enjoy all of them. I would like to know if you are going to write any more books in the Jayne Caslte relm, I really like them,it is a lot of fun to see this other world through your eye's. Thank you for giving me so many hours of reading plesure. Penny
Penny Baker
Boise, Id. U.S.A.
Wed Jan 9 12:16:02 EST 2002
I love all your books. I especially like to re-read Amanda Quick books. The characters and their dialog are so enjoyable. The books are always fresh and interesting.
Mary Tabela
Coral Springs, FL USA
Wed Jan 9 12:02:36 EST 2002
Jayne visited Seattle Mystery Bookshop yesterday to sign her new book, Smoke in Mirrors, and I just wanted to urge all JAK fans to be sure to visit any of her signings you can--she as smart, funny & nice as any of her heroines, and you will have a real treat.
Sandy Goodrick
Seattle, WA USA
Sun Jan 6 16:38:44 EST 2002
Read LOST AND FOUND and it is such a good book.If any of you Jayne's fans did not read Lost and Found,make sure you do read the book.

Sat Jan 5 23:51:05 EST 2002
I just finished reading After Dark for the 3rd time and decided to look up the e-mail address and see what was coming out next. I am looking forward to a sequel to After Dark. I have read all your books except for the ones published through MacFadden and most of them many, many times each. My favorite is Shield's Lady. I used to have dreams of just such a relationship so it was way cool to read my dreams come to life - only better written. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment.
Kathy Hickenbotham
American Fork, Ut USA
Sat Jan 5 20:43:59 EST 2002
I didn't really start reading for pleasure until I had my first child and he is 14 years old. But what I wanted you to know is Amanda Quick is one of the first authors I read. And I've been hooked ever since then. Thank you!!!!!
Stephanie Eayrs
Fallon, MT USA
Sat Jan 5 01:43:00 EST 2002
I have almost every book you have written and enjoy them over and over, cant wait for Smoke and mirrors to get here, I would like to know if you plan on writting any more of your books with Psynergy Inc. liked those too. thank you for such good books, keep them comming.
Sherry McCrory
Pensacol, Fl United States
Fri Jan 4 16:33:08 EST 2002
I really enjoy your books but they are often difficult to find here. Internet helps and now Borders are here I hope things will improve. Until then i have to keep visiting the U.S.A. Am lokking forward to the third Eclipse Bay book.
Sara Hollett
Halse, Brackley, Nhants United Kingdom

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