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  • "So do you, Miss Glade. It appears that neither of us has any choice at the moment but to trust each other." - Lie by Moonlight p.33 hc (posted by Becky M.)
Soft Focus

A story of two people bound together by that most binding of ties--a business contract.

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New Futuristic Novella
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In another lost civilization cut off by "The Curtain," a psychic archeologist uses her paranormal powers to explore an alien underground city and engages her psychic bodyguard in a marriage of convience.
Eye of the Beholder
New York Times Bestseller
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Alexa had been a scared teenager the last time she'd seen Trask, when he'd accused her stepfather of murdering his father and vowed one day to return for revenge. Twelve years later, Trask is back. Their meeting is inevitable, and their attraction is immediate. But there's a killer lurking in the shadows... .

New York Times Bestseller
In Stores Now!

Take one strong-minded lady's companion who has been dismissed from so many posts that she is now reduced to penning her own references, add the volume of dangerous, arcane lore that went missing in With This Ring, and an enigmatic financier with a mysterious past -- and you've got the strange brew for I Thee Wed.
I Thee Wed Cover

New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz has been gathering loyal readers for years with her unique blend of humor, sex, and romantic suspense. Whether she is romancing the past as Amanda Quick, the present as Jayne Ann Krentz, or the future Jayne Castle, she writes compelling stories of love between strong, intelligent men and women. Her books often explore themes of trust, loyalty and commitment between characters who fit together so well you can almost hear the click as you read.

Krentz began in the late 1970s writing serial romances for MacFadden and Dell Candlelight Ecstasy. She moved on to write for both Silhouette awards and Harlequin before turning exclusively to writing novels in the early 1990s. She now has over 30 million books in print.

Her early works were often ahead of their time. Her heroines were strong and stood toe-to-toe with their lovers at a time when many romance writers were still creating demure, easily-intimidated female characters. While her male characters were initially a bit intensely "macho," perhaps to make up for the independence of the heroines, her heroes have evolved over time into men who are not afraid of a woman's strength. Of course, even today her heroes remain, as always, "alpha males." 

Krentz's serial romances have become highly collectible in recent years. MacFaddens, in particular those written as Jayne Bentley, reportedly sell for as much as $200, when they can be found. However, her Harlequin, Silhouette, and even Dell Candlelights can still be found for between $4 and $10 (often less in thrift shops and used book stores). Check the link in the menu for more information on finding out of print books. 

We hope for this site to be a comprehensive source of information on JAK books past, present and future. You will find book covers for each of the over 100 books she has written, as well as brief synopses and reviews of many of them, with more being added all the time. Click the links in the menu to send in questions for Jayne or to access news and information on upcoming projects and appearances, as well as book lists, covers, and reviews. Please feel free to write the webmaster with any suggestions you may have for this site, kinds of things you'd like to see, information you'd like to find here, etc. Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to set a bookmark.






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